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Research On The Learning Engagement And Its Influencing Factors Of The Students In The Newly-built Undergraduate Colleges In Anhui Province

Posted on:2021-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330629480445Subject:Higher Education
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According to statistics,the number of the newly-built undergraduate colleges in China has reached 693,accounting for 56.88% of the total number of the undergraduate colleges.The quality of talent training in the newly-built undergraduate colleges is closely related to the future development of our country.Learning engagement is the closest factor to predict students' learning gains.Investigation and analysis of learning engagement in the newly-built undergraduate colleges and its influencing factors will help education managers to adjust education strategies in time,and improve the quality of talent training.Firstly,based on the analysis of the talent training programs of four newly-built undergraduate colleges that have a high level of education,it is found that the principal form of the learning engagement is the form of practical learning,and the main content of the engagement is the content of practical learning,practical learning engagement is an important part of learning engagement in the newly-built undergraduate colleges.Secondly,this study investigated learning engagement and its influencing factors of 11newly-built undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province.The survey found that the overall level of learning engagement of the newly-built undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province is not high,reached the level above average.At the same time,there are significant differences in gender,grade,major category,father's education background,mother's education background,annual total income of the family,and communication frequency with their families.Thirdly,it is found that teacher-student interaction,peer interaction,family support and school support are significantly positively related to learning engagement,and they have a predictive effect on learning engagement after the correlation analysis as well as hierarchical regression analysis of learning engagement and influencing factors.Finally this study puts forward several suggestions for improving learning engagement in the newly-built undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province from four levels: school,teachers,parents and students based on the results of survey and the expected state of learning engagement in the newly-built undergraduate colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning engagement, the newly-built undergraduate colleges, school support, peer interaction, teacher-student interaction
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