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A Survey Of High School Students' Thinking Habits In Math Problem-Solving

Posted on:2019-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the promulgation of the "General High School Mathematics Curriculum Standards(2017 Edition)",the definition of new curriculum concepts and curriculum objectives,the core accomplishment of mathematics subjects is a concentrated expression of the goals of the mathematics curriculum.Problem solving is the key to examine the core qualities of students in mathematics.Students' knowledge and mastery of knowledge can be judged by problem solving.Problem solving process requires students to solve problems through different ways of thinking,students in the process of problem solving will slowly form their own problem solving thinking habits.This research mainly uses the literature method,survey method,and interview method to conduct research.Through the use of SPSS 22.0 software for statistical analysis,the following conclusions are drawn:(1)High school students have a good habit of thinking in reading questions,and can basically become familiar with topics when reading questions;they are not very good at deepening the habit of thinking about the meaning of the questions,and many high school students cannot completely narrate the meaning of the questions after reading the questions.The ability to translate textual and mathematical languages in the subject is weak.(2)High school students in the problem-solving difficulties willpower is firm,the basic can do positive thinking,fewer high school students will choose to give up thinking;most high school students in the problem-solving can be associated with the special value method Problem solving,but sometimes not well applied to solve problems.(3)high school students check the problem-solving steps of thinking habits are not good,can not be implemented in the process of solving problems in the process of ensuring the correctness,which is one of the reasons for the failure of the problem;many high school students in the implementation of the problem-solving program can not be timely Found mistakes,stubborn continue to solve the problem.(4)High school students can not conduct effective examination of solving steps after they have solved their questions,and will not conduct any further tests after completing their questions.A considerable number of high school students will not explore other methods after they have solved the questions and do not have good the sense of innovation;high school students have a poor habit of resolving problems after doing the wrong things and cannot be well organized.The analysis of the investigation and research results shows that high school students have a general habit of solving problems in mathematics.The main reason for this phenomenon is that students “solve problems” when they solve problems,and they do not have profound knowledge of the inherent laws in mathematics problems.Therefore,in the end,the author combined the results of the investigation and research and tried to put forward reasonable suggestions from both the teachers and the students.
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