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Small And Medium-Sized Private Enterprises In The Industry Network Research

Posted on:2017-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important part of the national economy, small and medium sized private enterprises have been widely concerned by many scholars. In the environment of market economy, with the continuous progress of the rapid development of economy and science and technology, small and medium-sized private enterprises in addition to the need to ease due to homogenization of products caused by the external competitive pressures, but also to take reasonable way to manage, state the relationship regulation between employees and enterprises, maintain stability within the group, to prevent the loss of talent.In this study, the author selects the local small and medium-sized private enterprises in the field of building materials is representative of the D company as a case study, using social network theory, combined with the empirical data the author of 20 employees in depth interview the acquired company D between the internal staff daily interaction, the karmic relationship network as the research subject, the premise condition that formed from the network of relationships, composition factors and the relationship between the network function and so on three aspect, around the karmic relationship network in the process of development of small and medium-sized private enterprises special link is explored.The study found that:First, the relationship between the main bearer network-Business team size and corporate culture set the stage for the formation of the network and accelerate the process.Second, the relational network is produced in a relatively closed space, which is composed of three phases of professional activities and enterprise group activities. In this interactive environment, the number of contacts between individuals is increasing, the scope of information exchange is expanding, and the spatial distance between each other is gradually reduced. As between individuals familiar with the degree of climax gradually produced a belief of their business or individual characteristics (character, personality, work style, etc.) and sublimated into a kind of special emotion, which gradually formed a kind of based on trust and a strong bond and a plurality of connecting link interwoven into a crisscross, close the network, namely the karmic relationship network.Third, the relationship between the industry network from the micro and macro aspects meet the individual needs and promote the development of enterprises. The network of relationships for individual provides support certain social (instrumental support and emotional support) and help the individual to achieve the accumulation of social capital to meet its different needs in career development and personal life material, information,resources, and emotional aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and medium sized private enterprises, Karma relationship network, Social support, Organizational identification
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