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Research On Coopetitive Strategy Of Medium And Small-sized Enterprises Embedded In The Social Network

Posted on:2007-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F X CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360185981114Subject:Business management
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Along with the whole world economic integration, daily deepening of the international division-of-labor and swift and violent development of the science and technology, the enterprises' external environment has already been hugely changed. More and more enterprises start to realize it will be very difficult to survive and have a self-development only by themselves, so they begin to make the strategic adjustment to the competitive relationship with others, from competition to coopetition. Therefore, enterprises in the 21st century are no longer 'an island in the sea of market relations' (Richardson, 1972). The time of cutthroat competition has ended and coming is the one of competition in cooperation and cooperation for competition, that is, 'competing and cooperating for the future'. Coopetitive strategy has been adopted under such historical background, and become a new milestone of the enterprises' strategic management theory.However as a result of the internal competitive pressure, coopetitive relationship by itself are unstable. But the opportunism psychology of "economic man" is a threat to coopetitive relationship, which may even destroy coopetitive relationship and so as further to disintegrate the coopetitive relationship. Therefore, it becomes the key point in implementing the coopetitive strategy how to raise enterprises' credibility and to prevent the opportunism behavior in order to maintain the coopetitive relationship. This article, taking 'embeddedness' in the sociology as the break though point, discuss closely on how to keep the stability of coopetitive strategy in the medium and small-sized enterprises and to upgrade the networking capacity of coopetition, which are the main focus of the article.This article has six chapters. Chapter 1: by elaborating the background and the existence problem of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise, as well as related literatures, draws out "embedded the social network" break though point, and indicates this article the research meaning, the innovation...
Keywords/Search Tags:co-opetition, embededness, social capital, social network, medium and small-sized enterprises
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