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Research On The Relationship Between Entrepreneur Social Network And Enterprise Performance ——Based On The Empirical Study Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprise In Dalian

Posted on:2022-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2519306734455764Subject:Enterprise Economy
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Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in both GDP growth and urban employment.However,the small-scale and weak strength of small and medium-sized enterprises face the problem of lack of resources,which hinders the development of enterprises and makes their growth more and more difficult.For the survival and development of enterprises,entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises will use their own relationship network to seek more social resources and external support,so as to increase access to resources and promote the improvement of performance.Although there have been studies on this aspect,it is still necessary to subdivide the social network and deeply explore the mechanism of the process of resource patchwork.Based on social network theory,resource-based theory,resource dependence theory and resource patchwork theory,this study takes small and medium-sized enterprises in Dalian as the research object to explore the impact mechanism of Entrepreneur Social Network on enterprise performance.By combing the relevant literature at home and abroad,this paper divides the entrepreneur social network into four dimensions: network scale,network density,network heterogeneity and network relationship,and constructs the theoretical model of entrepreneur social network,resource Patchwork and enterprise performance.In order to test the proposed theoretical model and research hypothesis,this paper first selects the actual controllers and senior managers of small and medium-sized enterprises in Dalian for investigation,forms an electronic questionnaire through the questionnaire star platform,and distributes it online and offline.It took nearly five months to collect data from October 10,2020 to March 30,2021,and finally recovers 376 questionnaires,The valid sample data is 335.Secondly,using spss20.0 and process statistical software and hierarchical regression,this paper makes an empirical analysis on the effective sample data,and draws the following conclusions:(1)all dimensions of Entrepreneur Social Network(scale,heterogeneity,density and relationship)have a positive effect on enterprise performance;(2)Entrepreneurial social network scale,network heterogeneity,network density and network relationship have a significant positive impact on resource patchwork;(3)Resource patchwork has a positive effect on enterprise performance;(4)Resource patchwork plays a partial intermediary effect between Entrepreneur Social Network and enterprise performance.On the basis of this conclusion,this paper further draws two management enlightenment:first,small and medium-sized entrepreneurs actively develop enterprise social network and enhance cooperation with network members;Second,small and medium-sized entrepreneurs actively carry out resource patchwork to get rid of the resource dilemma of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Entrepreneur Social Network, Resource patchwork, Enterprise performance
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