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Study On Business Mode Building Of Zhejiang MY Commercial Bank Based On Trans Regional Background

Posted on:2017-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488951705Subject:Business Administration
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Due to the flexibility and effectiveness of the system in the organization,management system and operation mechanism,etc,city commercial banks were growing and developing fast.At the same time,as cross-regional operation gates opening after the 2006,city commercial banks branches were developing rapidly in different places.Thanks to the rapid development of Chinese economy in recent years,the pace of development of city commercial banks is even more alarming.When city commercial banks were developed,they also made a great contribution to small and micro enterprises and the "three rural" economy.City commercial banks were improving the structure of the banking system and capital allocation efficiency of financial markets.City commercial banks have become an important part of Chinaís financial system.However,with Chinese economy into a new norm,banking industry facing interest rate liberalization,financial disintermediation,relaxation market access and many other challenges,the environment of commercial banks development has undergone profound changes.Firstly,the business model changes.With the slowdown in economic growth,it directly results in insufficient demand for bank credit.Then,interest rate liberalization and mixed operation of financial industry also challenge banking capital which is the main channel of capital flows,and solely on the expansion of extensive development spread income has been unsustainable.Secondly,the business environment changes.Under the new normal of economic growth slow down,increased production pressure and rising credit risk,the commercial banksí asset quality will be under greater pressure,then,how to effectively prevent and control the risks will be a major challenge faced by commercial banks.Finally,policy environment changes.As financial reform and financial legal system construction actively promoting,financial regulators will be more emphasis on strict supervision according to law,strict and effective supervision,strict regulatory standards,strict regulation and law enforcement.This paper takes Zhejiang MY commercial bank as the research object,based on the literature at home and abroad,analyses itsí operating data and meeting summaries in recent years,sums up itsí business model from three angles which contain profit model,service model and capital flow mode.On this basis,this paper uses PEST analysis,Porterís five forces model to analyze and summarize the internal defects of Zhejiang MY commercial bank,then rebuilds itsí business model from profit model,service model and capital flow mode,combined with the background of trans-regional operating.At the same time,this paper provides a useful reference for other commercial banks.
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