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Research On The Construction Of Archival Information Safe System About AHT Enterprise

Posted on:2017-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2349330488975087Subject:Business management
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The informatizational construction of enterprise archives is an important branch of archival undertaking in the information age.It not only is an important part of informatization construction in our country,but also is a major reform of the enterprise archives manage mode.Especially in recent years,the internet,cloud computing and big data technology has rapidly risen and developed.Informational technology also has been widely applied in the field of archives.A large number of electronic records and digital archives produced continuously,which promoting enterprise archives informational construction.However,the informational technology is a "double-edged sword".Informational technology in the archives information brings opportunities at the same time also brings threats for archives informational security.Beside frequent natural disasters and social events,which make huge impact on file security.The archives informational security also face with severe challenges.Enterprise archives informatizational construction need a system of security to guarantee.Enterprise archives as a national precious cultural wealth and important component of information resources,once damaged,will give the national archives irreparable damage.Therefore,establishing the enterprise archives information security system and how to ensure that the file entity security and information security are the priority of our current archives work.In this big background,the paper use AHT enterprise as an example.First of all,expound the research background of the enterprise archives information and the research status at home and abroad;Then the archives information about concepts and related basic theories are reviewed,and combined with the theory of risk management,the theory of front-end control,management theory,the method of using literature,the method of factor analysis,investigational method,the method of the SWOT analysis and so on.Such as making an intensive study of the present situation of the AHT enterprise safety management,analysing the existing problems.Secondly,in the view of challenge for the AHT enterprise archives information security management,raising the necessity of constructing AHT enterprise archives information security system.Finally,in order to ensure the implementation of the AHT enterprise archives information security system construction,this paper put forward the way to the implementation of the related on establishing,the mechanism about organizational leadership,the safe operation,the whole management and the security supervision and so on.Above all,AHT enterprise archives informatizational security system construction and implementation approach,which is based on the theory and practice of the research results,has certain feasibility and maneuverability,and will provide certain experience and reference for the AHT and related enterprise archives informatization security system construction.In a word,the construction and implementation of the AHT enterprise archives information security system has the vital significance to promote security system construction of enterprise archives informatization.
Keywords/Search Tags:archives file informatization, the system of security, AHT Enterprise
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