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Research On The Risk And Countermeasure Of Enterprise Archives Management Outsourcing

Posted on:2016-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, market economy is developing at a high speed, enterprises need to focus on their core competencies to enhance and optimize their business processes. However, file management is not the main business for most enterprises, so it is often both time-consuming and laborious, and even all to no avail, for the enterprises to manage it themselves, then using specialized archives outsourcing company as the aid of business manage files or archival digital construction is an ideal choice. So, instead of sitting back, the enterprises will have to hold an overall viewpoint as their business strategy in order to achieve the rational allocation of resources. First of all, they need to try every mean to avoid the risk profile of outsourcing, and to improve to deal with emerging risks. Well, specifically, where the enterprise to proceed with and how to deal with the risks is the set point of this passage, paper records management outsourcing business follows it, and then discuss the content and records management outsourcing program. What’s more, the passage will estimate the risk of each step that may arise, and take it as a basis to explore a variety of strategies to deal with risks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Archives, File Management Outsourcing, Outsourcing Company, Risk prevention
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