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The Current Study Of Democratic Consultation In Rural Villager Autonomy In China

Posted on:2018-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330515457138Subject:Political Theory
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Since the reform and opening-up,China has made remarkable achievements in the economic field.With the development of the economy and the restraint of the labor force,the diversification and stratification of the interests of the main body inevitably produce more demands for public decision-making.System and minority obey the majority principle can not meet the needs of management and decision-making,which requires the opportunity to provide consultation and exchange.Based on this,the 18 th Party Congress formally put forward the concept of deliberative democracy,and proposed to improve and perfect the socialist system of consultation and democracy.The Third Plenary Session of the 18 th Central Committee further emphasized the importance of building a deliberative democracy and actively promoted the construction of grassroots consultation and democratic system.Rural villagers’ autonomy is an important pole of grassroots democracy and autonomy in our country.China’s rural areas are an acquaintance society,and villagers have a good relationship with each other.The feasibility of consultation is more natural than other fields.The central government has pointed out that a large number of decisions and tasks involving the interests of the people are mainly at the grassroots level.We should establish a good coordination mechanism,according to the law for the grassroots construction of consultation and democracy,to meet the people’s consultation and negotiation of the demands,in no hurry,and steadily guide the grassroots consultations to solve the practical difficulties and problems of the masses,to resolve conflicts and promote social harmony and stability.This shows the urgency and importance of developing rural democratic consultation.Based on this,the purpose of this study is self-evident,taking the villagers ’autonomy system in the rural areas as the background,starting from the perspective of democratic consultation,explaining the connotation of the two,respectively,by matching the villagers’ autonomy and consultation democracy,To prove that the two have a common value demands,help to explore the villagers to negotiate the path of governance village affairs.This paper summarizes the relevant theories and concepts of consultation democracy and rural autonomy,then analyzes the present situation of the democratic governance of the field with theoretical knowledge,analyzes the causes of the deep level and thinks about the feasible countermeasures.The most important part of this paper is to analyze the problems and reasons of the current rural villagers’ autonomy,and to discuss the countermeasures of effectively running the democratic consultation mechanism in the villager autonomy system.First,we must adhere to the election democracy,And then make efforts to promote the institutionalization of deliberative democracy: to make the scattered,very state of the negotiations to a fixed,institutionalized consultation change;improve the basic rural areas of the rural areas;Consultation mechanism,will be negotiated in the rural governance in the implementation of the implementation;the final construction of rural citizenship culture,shaping the democratic consultation of cultural atmosphere.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural areas, villager autonomy, democratic consultation
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