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A Study Of The Villager Autonomy Dilemma And Its Influence

Posted on:2018-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The village autonomous system is one of the great achievements of Chinese basic democratic establishment and it gives villagers the right to manage themselves.This system has changed the method of Chinese rural governance.Villager autonomy has achieved a great deal of success over the course of 30 years and has promoted the development of rural China.However,with the further development of Chinese rural areas,many new and different phenomenons have appeared in these areas.In this case,the villagers ’self-governance system encounters unprecedented difficulties in practice.In other words,the villagers ’self-governance system’s development is in trouble.Because this system is the key to the construction of Chinese rural democracy,we must pay our attention to how to solve the problem of it.In this article,we can see the emergence and performance of the villager autonomy dilemma,the reasons for the dilemma,the adverse effects of the dilemma and the way to solve this problem eventually.This article will provide some theoretical support for the further improvement of the village autonomous system.This article is broadly divided into five parts.Chapter one focuses on the background and the meaning of the study and the research methods.The point is domestic and foreign research of the villager autonomy dilemma.In chapter two,the point of entry is the emergence of the villager autonomy dilemma and this chapter introduce the development process and its achievements of the villager autonomy briefly.This chapter points out the time of the emergence of the villager autonomy dilemma.The most important part of this chapter is the four performance of the villager autonomy dilemma.The point of chapter three is the reasons of emergence of the villager autonomy dilemma,including the external social and culture reasons and the reasons of the system itself.By looking for these reasons,we can pay more attention to these reasons in the practice of the villager autonomy and so we can reduce the adverse effects of these reasons in practice.The point of chapter four is analysis of the adverse effects of the villager autonomy dilemma.We should know that the influence of the villager autonomy dilemma is so big that it may affect the construction of national democracy.The influence of the villager autonomy dilemma makes people realize the importance of the healthy villager autonomy and so the improvement of this system will get more attention.The last part pays more attention to the solution of the villager autonomy dilemma.This chapter has five parts including the construction of the four democracy,the professionalization and institution of governance,the improvement of the two pairs relationships and the building of rural organizations.This chapter will provide some theoretical support for the improvement of the villager autonomy system’s practical effects.Although the villager autonomy system is in trouble,we can’t deny and give up this system which is based on China and develops in Chinese rural areas directly.We should analyze the various reasons of this trouble and try to find its concrete representation and influences.After the further study,we will find the guiding method that can lead this system walks out of the dilemma.We should have faith in the villagers ’self-governance system and it will be more active and viable.The further development of democracy at the grassroots level in China will get power and support from the healthy villager autonomy system.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural China, villager autonomy system, villager autonomy dilemma, the solution of villager autonomy dilemma, Chinese basic democratic establishment
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