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Criminological Research On Telecommunications Fraud

Posted on:2018-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330515477527Subject:Criminal Law
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Telecom fraud has become one of crimes that our country emphatically prevents and punishes as a new criminal behavior for its new criminal means,large losses involved and wide damage range.This article takes it as the research backgrounds,starts from the concept of defining telecom fraud,clarifies its characteristics,teases the differences between telecom fraud and ordinary fraud crimes,and systematically analyzes the current situation of telecom fraud development and common means.On this basis,from the angle of criminology,it deeply discusses the reasons of current frequent telecom fraud crimes.For such complex reasons,it specifically points out that telecom fraud crime should be added in our criminal law,which can be applied to strictly regulate this criminal behavior.It should also strictly hit the criminal behaviors that violate the citizens' personal information,and prevent from telecom fraud from the source.Inside the public security organ,it should not only improve its own investigation technology,but also build the multi-party coordination mechanism with telecom institutions and banking institutions,constructing the network of telecommunication prevention for the whole society,so as to mutually prevent from the telecommunications fraud crimes.
Keywords/Search Tags:telecommunications fraud, criminology, personal information, prevention countermeasure
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