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Research On The Combat Difficulties And Countermeasure Of Telecommunications-fraud

Posted on:2014-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422968781Subject:Public Management
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In recent years, accompany with the rapid development of economy,Telecommunications-fraud occurred frequently in China. The development offinancial and communication industry makes Telecommunications-fraud appeared.In context of this, we can say that Telecommunications-fraud is a unique criminalphenomenon and also is a new kind of forms of crime in the information society. Inmore than10years, Telecommunications-fraud has spread to all over the country andbecome the most harmful crime of the crimes against property.Telecommunications-fraud is an intelligent, organized crime. Such a crime hasspread very wide and did harm to the interests of the masses, even the integrity of thesociety. Telecommunications-fraud has seriously affected the normal order ofeconomy and the social stability.High trend of Telecommunications-fraud has never changed. It will be exist along time, so we can not be optimistic. Along with the great evolution ofcommunication products, such as internet, microblogging and micro-letters´╝îTelecommunications-fraud will follow the trend. It will keep up with the times,changing the tools, making up new excuses and using new measures. There is nosingle factor causes crime, because a variety of factors make crime happened.Telecommunications-fraud, like other crimes, is the adverse consequences of theimperfect social management. Because of this, we can not effectively fight against orprevent Telecommunications-fraud only by one organization. This paper talks aboutthe difficulties of the public security organs and other organizations facing now. Inthe end, the writer try to find out the effective measures to solve the problem ofTelecommunications-fraud.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecommunications-fraud, Social management, Combat difficulties, Countermeasure
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