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Research On The Way To Promote The Social Public Trust Of The Chinese Government From The Perspective Of Governance

Posted on:2018-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The government’s social public trust is closely related to the credibility of the government.It is a public state in which the government relies mainly on lawful public power in the course of managing society,and judges the performance of public duty and the social effects of public service.The government itself,it can be regarded as a part of government ability;for the society,it is the social organizations and citizens to understand and agree with the government management legitimacy and a positive opinion of rationality and satisfaction to fully express the situation.From the perspective of "people oriented" dimensions of social public trust in government are in a sense of the social credit system is the soul and foundation,as a model of the public trust,it has become a key factor to measure the administrative ability of the government,of course,is also a consideration of standards of quality and quality state of the whole society.Because the government governance philosophy,structural reform and other aspects of theory and practice of "completeness",affect the complexity of social change in the process of interest or other non interest factors and uncertainties,and the "universal awakening of consciousness of citizens of mass times",resulting in the government and the market,the society,the conflicts between citizens frequently,resulting in the government public trust crisis.Therefore,the question of how the government’s social public trust can be effectively promoted has become an unavoidable topic of public governance in the contemporary era.This article attempts from the theory and practice of governance from the perspective of understanding and interpretation of the government public trust crisis solution,so as to enhance the capacity and level of Chinese government social public trust to provide reference.The first chapter of this paper expounds the theory of governance and public trust of government society,and expounds the governance,government governance,government,social public trust and relevant theories or methods used in this paper.The second chapter is the analysis of the main manifestations and sources of the government’s social and public trust crisis,and expounds its social impact.The third chapter is to solve the social public trust crisis and puts forward the path of improving government public trust theory of governance,namely,by improving the construction of the system of governance and capacity,system,culture and collaborative governance,seek multi-level and multi field,the essence of the government public trust promotion.
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