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Research On The International Aviation Anti-Terrorism Security Convention

Posted on:2018-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330515980483Subject:International Law
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The development of human social civilization has always been accompanied by all kinds of security problems and security threats.In these security threats,as scientific and technological progress,social development,the changing world political and economic structure,the increasingly rampant terrorist activities more striking.The establishment of an international legal control system is an effective measure to deal with terrorist acts,and in the current economic globalization continues to expand today,international law is more concerned about the common interests of the international community.Air transport is the world's economic development benchmark and barometer,its operational safety and air defense security has become a sign of stability of a country or region.Because of this,terrorists tend to use aircraft as a target of attacks to create a huge international impact.In view of this,ICAO has been working on international aviation legislation for many years and has adopted the Tokyo Convention,the Hague Convention,the Montreal Convention and the Montreal Protocol,which constitute the international aviation security system,has played an important role in combating international air crime.However,with the changing times,in the international air transport industry there have been new forms of crime.International civil aviation work together to fight the task of counterattack is still arduous.China's government attaches great importance to international civil aviation anti-terrorism work,has been actively involved in the international aviation security convention of the modernization of the work,played a positive and constructive role.The adoption of the Beijing Convention and the Beijing Protocol is the first international convention to be named after Chinese cities in modern international law.It provides legal protection for the effective protection of the lives and property of passengers and the illegal interference against civil aviation.This paper systematically introduces the international aviation security system and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations system on anti-terrorism,details the development background,historical evolution,main contents,challenges and prospects of the Convention,and analyzes the shortcomings of the existing international aviation security convention,the new threat to the aviation industry,illustrates the existing international aviation terrorist crime legislation is still blank.And then for the international aviation anti-terrorism legislation,detailing its development process,and finally put forward the Beijing Convention and our legislation,the revision of the Criminal Law to supplement the new charges in the Convention,so that it can really be implemented to play the appropriate legal validity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Beijing Convention, Aviation Safety, Criminal Law Amendment, Aviation Terrorism
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