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Anhui Farmland Water Conservancy Construction Mechanism After The Tax Reform Study

Posted on:2005-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152466367Subject:Political economy
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The rural reform o f taxation expenses of China began pilot project from Anhui since 2000, aimed at exploring that sets up the normal system of rural expenses of taxation and method of lightenning peasant's burden fundamentally. Is it in more than four years , make Vphased effect already at present , realize re-set target of " lighten , standardizing , stability " basically to implement. The capital construction of the irrigation and water conservancy is the important foundations of the agriculture and rural economy development, it is peasants that it invests the subject, the benefited subject is peasants too. Implement the reform of taxation expenses , will " cancel labour for public accumulation fund and voluntary labor service stipulated in unison ", "carry on such necessary labour of the collective public servise as the capital construction of the irrigation and water conservancy , building the road at village level , planting trees ,etc. in the village, implement first a matter discuss , decide through discussion by villager conference democracy ", " village recruitment implement upper limit control ".This is a great reform of a rural system. According to the view of the economic school of the system, this will not merely cause the change of the distribution relation between peasant and country , will also cause the change of all relations between ownershipand management of enterprises , ideology respects. For instance for capital construction of the irrigation and water conservancy, these policies and regulations, will bring influence and new challenge to capital construction of the irrigation and water conservancy unavoidably. Organization way , channel of investing , irrigation and water conservancy of capital construction drop mechanism into take place the deep change, new contradiction appearing in practice. This text has proposed it under the new situation in the present rural reform of taxation expenses on the basis of analysing these new changes and new contradictions, working thinking , countermeasure and method of doing irrigation and water conservancy construction well ,etc .
Keywords/Search Tags:System changes, the reform of taxation expenses, irrigation and water conservancy, build the mechanism
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