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Research On Quality Management Of Jiaozhou BJ Pension Community Project

Posted on:2017-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,Chinese gradually began to enter the aging society,the main reason is on the one hand,population growth,on the other hand,the population is rising life expectancy,the aging trend is inevitable,and has become an important social problem.With the development of society and economy,people for pension service needs and requirements more and more high,this paper is in the background,the construction and management of the pension community research,by using the theories and methods of project management and project quality management,research on quality management of the the project,to further improve the quality of the project implementation.In this paper,combined with the specific situation of Jiaozhou city community endowment project,for its main contents,are reviewed in this paper in the theory of project quality management at home and abroad,through market research,data statistics and project quality management methods,from the theoretical analysis and empirical combination of point of view,to study the pension community project quality management.The first is based on the project quality management theory and the content analysis,the objective reality of the project were analyzed,summarized;secondly,to conduct research on the pension industry status,and to understand the real needs of the pension project in reality by using the method of brainstorming method,etc..Finally,by using the method of total quality management,PDCA cycle,brainstorming,cause and effect diagram,Pareto Diagram Analysis to guide the whole project,and improve the security and quality control for the whole project process,points out the problems and suggestions need to be resolved in the future,and on this basis,starting from the actual pension project,through specific research and practice analysis of the project,hoping to develop the cause of the pension in China provide a reference opinions.
Keywords/Search Tags:project quality management, quality control, quality improvement
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