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Research On Sports Self-confidence And Influencing Factors Of College Students In Sports And Non-sports Majors

Posted on:2018-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330518951682Subject:Sports teaching
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Most of the best athletes in Western countries originated from colleges and universities,and the sports teams of colleges and universities are their important reserve bases.Their development promotes the development of league and competitive sports.With the continuous development of China's social economy,the cultivation of athletes from the traditional system of the whole country to the diversified training model,is constantly exploring in line with China's national conditions of the new model."Sports and education combined" so that colleges and universities to participate in the training of athletes,college sports team training by the attention of various colleges and universities now have many outstanding college athletes on the international stage,get more recognition,more national competition Got the honor.But the overall athletic level of college athletes is not high enough,the athletic performance is also less than the national requirements.How to improve the athletic performance of college athletes is the college sports team athletes,coaches and the leaders of the urgent need to solve the problem.As athletes athletes physical fitness,psychological quality,technical and tactical training level,the game's physical and mental state and many other effects.Mental state,including attention to the state,emotional state and self-confidence.Self-confidence not only affects sports motives,but also affect the emotional state of the game,but also affect the performance of the game an important factor.In the past,most of the self-confidence research professional athletes self-confidence research,self-confidence of college students less.In theory,sports and non-sports professional sports self-confidence factors may be different.As sports students specialize in sports,sports shows on self-confidence may feel greater,rather than sports professional college athletes athletes may be just hobbies,they may pay more attention to professional academic performance,sportsself-confidence can only become Secondary factors.At present,university athletes in the sports and non-sports professional self-confidence is very small.This study hopes to discuss whether there are differences in the factors of self-confidence and differences between sports and non-athletic athletes.In this paper,"sports self-confidence source questionnaire" and "exercise self-confidence scale",including "movement characteristics of self-confidence scale" "movement state self-confidence scale" as a measurement tool for sports and non-sports professional 336 college students,including boys 210(Male: 86,female: 33),217 non-sports professional group(male: 124,female: 93)conducted a survey of sports self-confidence and influencing factors,And the correlation between them was analyzed statistically.The results show that there are significant differences in the self-confidence of sports specialties and sports self-confidence of sports specialties and non-sports major students.The sports self-confidence of sports college students is stronger than that of non-sports majors.In sports and non-sports students,Self-confidence factors in addition to the body self-presentation and situational advantages of these two dimensions did not find differences,the other dimensions are showing sexual differences.In addition,it was found that the self-confidence of college students' athletes with different gender,professional,training years and sports grades was significant.Conclusion: Sports self-confidence and non-sports major of college students in sports are different in sports self-confidence and influencing factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional sports, Non-professional Sports, College athletes, Movement self-confidence
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