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Research On Cross-cultural Conflicts In The Process Of Internationalization Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2017-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330491456516Subject:International business
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In first quarter 2016,with up to $3.5 billion,Wanda purchased United States Legend Pictures,Haier purchased white appliances of United States General Electrical Ltd.with $5.4 billion,HNA group intends $6 billion for acquisition of United States Information Technology,all over more,Zhonghua Group spent $43 billion to merge the biggest pesticide producer Syngenta in Switzerland.In 2015,Chinese enterprises' s overseas mergers and acquisitions reach a total of 109 billion dollars.While in the first quarter in 2016,within 3 months,Chinese enterprises' s overseas mergers and acquisitions has monuted to 70.8 billion dollars,which is more than half of super deals in last year of China and 47 percent of total cross-boundary oversea mergers and acquisitions in the world.So many impressive mergers and acquisitions are taking place,and the raising trend is still going on.Tom Lotous estimate that Chinese enterprises' overseas mergers and acquisitions has already reached $111 billion until 10 th May,which has already surpass annual level in 2015.But statistics show that,success rate of oversea mergers and acquisitions is only 45%,main reason is that Chinese enterprise has not expected that such across national and geographical cultur differences confilct is so inevitable and unmanageable,different culture contradictions in different backgrounds is getting more and more common,these factors serious restricted the efficiency of mergered enterprise,even brings disaster result,therefore cross culture management became a important subject that Chinese enterprise must face.The initiative side of China overseas merger activities is Chinese enterprise,merger party input huge funds in order to get technology resources or market resources,reality of high expectation of merger party and no-allowing failure often led to aggressive intervention from merger party to mergered ones,so culture of merger party which is Chinese culture become core part of across culture management.This paper first analyse on Chinese culture features and Chinese enterprise across culture management conflict features,then based on Hofstede culture dimension degrees theory,obtained that the essence of across culture conflict is conflict of consciousness and organization structure,thus put up with solutions ie,build a equal platform and common vision,respect each other and learn from each other to avoid and ease conflict of consciousness,via league strategy,that no interference to organization structure of mergered company,first achieved shallow degree of merger coordination in order to solve the organizational structure conflict at the beginning.Psychological program of individuals was built from accumulated life experience from family,campus and social,despite people from the world around have different colour,speak with different languages,but as human beings,people shared a common psychological software base,though people have obviously difference in psychological,but it still has a specific structure that could trace through,this paper take Hofstede culture dimension degrees theory which is based on human psychological programming to analyze the conflict in cross-cultural management of Chinese enterperises,this is the innovation part of this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:overseas mergers and acquisitions, cultural difference, cross-cultural management, Hofstede cultural dimensions theory
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