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Study On Cultural Difference And Its Countermeasures In International Trade Of Zhejiang Private Enterprises

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Culture is a complex system which is composed of the cognition system , material culture, social organization and system, language and non- language behavior and so on. There are various cultures in human society, and they have various differences , which are not only in the material achievement, but also in people's custom, idea, moral principles, standards as well as the ways of their action. When people understand and compromise in difficulty because of cultural differences, there are cultural conflicts. In international trade,the internationalizing process of the enterprises is mainly considered as the process of cross-cultural communication and syncretization.With the unceasing development of economical globalization, the development of the Zhejiang private economy is rapid.The procession of the private enterprises is expanding increasingly, and they are gradually becoming a new force in international trade, whose questions in the overseas development deserve our attention.With the continuous development of the economic globalization, the internationalizing operation of the Zhejiang private enterprises is an irreversible trend. When the enterprises engage in the transnational trade, the goods and service span over the national boundary as well as the cultural boundary. The cultural difference has dual influence on the enterprises' international operation, which is the deep-seated reason of trade friction and the main origin of cross-cultural superiority.Especially in the modern society, people enhance the demands of cultural value, and many foreign consumers have interest in Chinese traditional culture which are reviving increasingly . Therefore, the Zhejiang private enterprises that want to obtain the competitive advantage in cross-cultural international trade, need to distinguish cultural differences ,solve cultural conflicts, obtain the cross-cultural superiority by syncretizing different cultures, and develop the national outstanding culture to obtain cultural comparative advantages in international trade. Based on all of the reasons above, it shows a considerable importance to do some research on cultural differences and the countermeasures in international trade of the Zhejiang private enterprises. The paper is organized as follows:The first chapter is this paper's introduction.It mainly discusses the research's background and its main questions, the research's significance, scope and its aims, the research's technique as well as the paper's structural arrangement.The second chapter is the summarization of the domestic and foreign related literatures. Firstly, the domestic and foreign researches about cultural differences and the countermeasures in international trade are reviewed and a synthetical appraisement is made. Then on the basis of it, the author points out some questions still remaining in the existing researches and the questions that would be analysed in this paper.In the third chapter, the author defines some basic concepts. Firstly, the connotation of cross-cultural international trade are introduced, Then the meaning, characteristics, integrantparts of culture and its close relation with international trade, the meaning and types of cultural difference, the meaning and characteristics of cultural conflict; What's more,the author analyses that the long-term existence of cultural difference makes the long-term existence of cross-cultural international trade; Finally, the author emphatically analyses the double-edged functions on the cross-cultural international trade made by the cultural differences.In the fourth chapter, the author analyses the cultural conflicts in internationail trade of the Zhejiang private enterprises. Firstly, the frequently bitter experience and trades' friction in the international trade of the Zhejiang private enterprises are introduced; Then on the basis of introducing the local culture of Zhejiang province and its main characteristics briefly, the author makes a research on the cultural difference that cause trade frictions, analysing its concrete manifestation .In the fifth chapter, the author analyses the academic bases and practical bases of the countermeasures to the cultural differences in the international trade of the Zhejiang private enterprises.The sixth chapter is the emphasis of this paper. The author makes a research into the countermeasures to the cultural differences of the Zhejiang private enterprises in international trade separately from three stratifications . Among them, the countermeasures on the enterprise's stratification includes: the enterprise should implement the strategy of carrying out the cultural investigation thoroughly and distinguishing the cultural differences comprehensively, the strategy of setting the consciousness of globalization hard and respecting the characteristics and values of different cultures, the strategy of overcoming the communication barrier diligently and training the qualified workers, the strategy of implementing the localization strategies and creating the cross-culture competitive advantages and the strategy of developing the local outstanding culture to exert the comparative advantage of native culture.On the guild's stratification, we should fully exert the the organizational functions of the guilds and the Export-Import chambers , strengthen the work about cultural differences in research, propaganda, train and popularization as well as maintain fair competition and promote the self-discipline in price, quality and service.On the governmental stratification, the government should constitute and perfect the policies and laws about international trade, bring its macroscopic functions in service into full play, create the modernized market environment which were accorded with the international standards , and implement the "The Zhejiang culture goes out" project to demonstrate the unique charm of the culture and expand the international influence of the Zhejiang culture and even the Chinese culture .Finally, the case about the cross-cultural international trade in Vietnam in Zhejiang Bada Group and the case about setting up national brand with national culture in Zhejiang Hongqingting Group are used in order to enhance the persuasion of this paper's viewpoints. Other.private enterprises in Zhejiang Province and even enterprises in other provinces should realize that to obtain competitive advantages in the cross-cultural international trade, they not only need to distinguish, solve cultural conflicts and obtain the cross-cultural superiority by syncretizing,but also need to develop to the national culture and obtain the cultural comparative advantages in international trade.The seventh chapter was the paper's conclusion. The author concludes the basic conclusion and the innovation of the paper, and then points out the limitation of the paper and the direction of further studies.
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