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Research On The Cultural Conflict And Management Countermeasures In R Company

Posted on:2016-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Obviously, in the last decades, China has obtained great achievements on the economic construction, and that attracted many foreign investors, or invested directly, or merge with domestic enterprises, but their management did not go well, most of these companies suffered "Merge Syndrome" in the early management. Experts conducted thorough research on this kind of "Merge Syndrome" and found the most important reason is the Cultural Difference. The cultural difference is a typical challenge for the multinational enterprises, it is totally different between the host culture and the native culture, such as the values, attitudes and behavior. After all, different management practices are rooted in different cultures; different management measures, also have their different application environment. There are many methods of management worked very well in the local culture but helpless in another culture environment. Therefore, the culture is the keypoint of the successful cross culture internationalization management.R company is a Japanese company which entered Chinese market very earliy. Its headquater was founded in 1954 in Japan, and the subsidiary was registered in 1973 in Hongkong. It went through the periods of rising, sharply developing and competitive, finally suffered cross cultural barriers. R company is a typical case, the cultural conflict of R company is unobserved in the early even if mid periods, it did existed but had not affected much, until recent years, due to the sharp changed external environment, the cultural conflict began to shift from the latent state as the dominant state, a lot of management problems occured, the conflict issues exist in a long term. It is just due to R company had not paid much attention on the cultural differences.I will do this research base on the Cross-Cultural Theory of Mr. Hofstede, and by the way of employee interviews, analysis, diagnostic, the purpose is to find out the main reason, and then some useful countermeasures and solutions will be reached.This research could be usefull for the international enterprises while they deal with the cultural differences and cultural conflicts. Multinational companies should value the cross culture management by the means of improve employee’s ability to adapt to the host country culture, take action on the integration of different cultures and optimize the human resources management system.This is a changing world, especially for the multinational companies. However, if they value the changes and the culture differences, adjust to the changing circumstances, they could make a successful business everywhere.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural difference, cultural difference between Japan and China, cultural conflict, cross culture adjustment, cross cultural management
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