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Research On The Operation Mode And Risk Prevention Of Crowdfunding

Posted on:2017-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the background of the Internet financial development in our country,the crowdfunding gradually raises our attention and develops at a high speed.The crowdfunding provide a new idea to solve the problem of financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises.But as an emerging industry,the operation mode of crowdfunding is not yet mature,and the relevant regulation policies are far from perfect.There are many problems on crowdfunding need to be solved.Although our country gradually pay more attention to crowdfunding and study to formulate a series of regulations,the concrete measures are still groping.So it is necessary to research the operation mode of crowdfunding and find out the risks.And find some ways to evade these risks.The text introduces the basic operation mode of crowdfunding and elaborates the actual operations of two main fields of crowdfunding—the equity-based crowdfunding and the product crowdfunding,and analyses the advantage of crowdfunding manwhile.The text divides the whole process of crowdfunding operation into several links.It fands out possible risks for every link and gives impact analysis.And at last,the text gives some prevention suggestions from self-prevention of crowdfunding platforms?government regulation and the legal system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Finance, crowdfunding, crowdfunding platforms, government regulation, risk prevention
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