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The Study On The Development Of Advantageous Agricultural Industry In Tianshui

Posted on:2018-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330512999959Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Tianshui is located in the northwest arid and semi arid areas,with poor natural conditions and backward social economic development,the city’s agricultural population accounted for64.7% of the city’s population,and the rural poor population of the city accounted for12.7%.The level of farmers’ income is low,per capita income of farmers reached only half of the national level.In addition,due to the shortage of water resources,poor agricultural infrastructure,shortage of agricultural science and technology personnel,shortage of rural labors,low level of agricultural industrialization and such reasons,there are many problems in the development of agriculture in Tianshui,for example,the agricultural products in Tianshui have weak market competitiveness,agricultural production efficiency is low,ecological environment is facing great pressure,agricultural industrialization level is low.Therefore,the development of advantageous agricultural industry is conducive to the rational allocation of resources and the formation of scale management,and has important significance for the development of agriculture in Tianshui.This paper takes Tianshui as the research object,based on the theory of comparative advantage.Considering the existing research results and the actual situation of Tianshui agriculture,this paper constructs the evaluation index system of advantageous agriculture in Tianshui.The selection of indexes mainly includes industrial scale,industrial division and industrial efficiency.AHP method and coefficient of variation method are used to determine the weight of relevant indexes.Based on the analysis of the comparative advantages of Tianshui’s main agricultural industry in Gansu Province,this paper selects the advantageous agricultural industry in Tianshui.The results of this study show that the vegetable industry,the apple industry and the rapeseed industry have comparative advantages in Gansu Province,which are the advantageous agricultural industries in Tianshui.In addition,despite Tianshui’s wheat,corn,potatoes,herbs,beans,pears,grapes in Gansu province do not have comparative advantage,but there are some counties in Tianshui have a comparative advantage in Gansu Province,on the basis of this,this paper selects the Tianshui agricultural industry advantage counties.At thesame time,in order to develop advantageous agricultural industry in Tianshui,it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of production bases,support agricultural enterprises,strengthen the construction of farmers’ cooperative organizations,innovate the marketing methods and improve the level of farmers’ occupation.
Keywords/Search Tags:comparative advantage, advantageous agricultural industry, AHP, coefficient of variation, Tianshui City
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