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The Case Study Of Research On Entrepreneurial Learning On Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition

Posted on:2018-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515976580Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Innovation is the source of a country's progress,while entrepreneurship is the specific forms of social and national innovation.When talking about entrepreneurial economy,it encourages all people in the country to promot entrepreneurship through economic growth and social development of the economic-oriented economic,which is also an important feature of contemporary society.Last year,the government proposed the new idea that everyone gets involved with innovation and create mass venture.The gorvernment announced in public that the venture times is coming now in China,so entrepreneurs are everywhere now and venture activities become more active,which all means innovation and venture activities play such an important role in our life for both countries and companies nowadays.Also the proposion of venture policy send positive message for entrepreneurs to encourage them,and further inspire thier innovative thinking,which greatly promote our economic development in the social level.The ability of entrepreneurial learning can improve business opportunity identification,and the success of entrepreneurial opportunity identification is helpful to improve the rate of successful entrepreneurship and create more social value.According to the exist research adout opportunities identification,studiers focused more on the causal level,which means the lack of organic research on internal mechanism of entrepreneurial learning and opportunity recognition in the entrepreneurial process.However,entrepreneurial learning is the dynamic process happening from the growth and maturity of the enterprise.Therefore,the impact of entrepreneurial learning on entrepreneurial opportunity identification has a very important contribution and significance to the field of entrepreneurship.The research on entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition constructs the theory model of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition effect on entrepreneurial learning in order to explore the internal mechanism between these variables.Through the multiple case study method,according to grounded theory the study draws the conclusion that the analysis of entrepreneurial learning effects on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition clear the path and mechanism of action by way of induction of encoding in order to open the black box between the two variables.Eventually we find institutional environment adaptability,timing and entrepreneurial alertness three between entrepreneurial opportunity identification and entrepreneurial learning,which to a greater extent can improve the rate of successful entrepreneurship and also provide entrepreneurs with a full range of help and guidance,while ultimately promote the construction of an innovative society.
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