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Research On Social Network,Entrepreneurial Learning And Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition

Posted on:2019-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330551961473Subject:Business management
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With the introduction of government support policies and the continuous improvement of entrepreneurial environment,more and more people are involved in innovation and entrepreneurship activities.According to the report of China Public entrepreneurship and innovation development in 2016,the amount of new registered market main bodies were increased by 11.6%to 16.513 million with an increase of 45.1 thousand every day in average,indicating the highly active entrepreneurial activities in China.Highly active entrepreneurial activities have injected fresh blood for China's economic development,brought vitality and become a powerful new kinetic energy of social and economic development.However,according to the relevant reports,the average failure rate of China's entrepreneurial activities is very high,up to 80%.It is an urgent issue to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship,and the entrepreneurial opportunity plays a key role in the outcome of the entrepreneurial activities.Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition is the basic premise and prerequisite for entrepreneurial activities.It is the process of individuals' rational judgement and analysis of market information and resources,and finding business opportunities that create value.Social network is a collection of formal and informal relationships centered on entrepreneurs,which contains all kinds of entrepreneurial information and resources that entrepreneurs need to carry out entrepreneurial activities.How can the business information and resources in the social network be transformed into an effective entrepreneurial opportunity?The role of entrepreneurial learning can not be ignored.Entrepreneurial learning is the process of obtaining,storing and transforming information related to entrepreneurship,and plays a very important role in the role of the social network on the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities.Kirzner(1973),a scholar of the Austria economics school,proposed the importance of entrepreneurial alertness to the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities.Other scholars have pointed out that high entrepreneurial alertness can improve the possibility of discovering and identifying entrepreneurial opportunities.There is a discrepancy in entrepreneurial alertness among different individuals.People who has high entrepreneurial vigilance has special perception and keen insight to information.In the process of identifying entrepreneurial opportunities based on social networks through entrepreneurial learning,the level of individual entrepreneurial alertness will have an impact.To investigate the relatiornship among social network,entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial opportunities recognition,this study takes social networks as independent variable,entrepreneurial opportunity recognition as the dependent variable and entrepreneurial learning as mediator variable.This study tries to explore how entrepreneur's social network can affect entrepreneurial opportunity recognition through entrepreneurial learning.And this study takes entrepreneurial alertness as moderating variable in the model.Through questionnaire collection,correlation analysis,ANOVA and regression analysis,this study tests the relationship among social network,entrepreneurial learning,entrepreneurial alertness and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.The test results shows that the entrepreneur's social network has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial opportunity identification;social network has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial learning;entrepreneurial learning has a significant positive effect on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition;entrepreneurial learning plays as a partial mediator between social network and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition;entrepreneurial alertness plays a moderating role in the influence of social networks on entrepreneurial learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:entrepreneurial opportunity recognition, social network, entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial alertness
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