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The Analysis To The Problem And Countermeasure Of Small Micro-enterprises Development In Dayawan

Posted on:2018-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the transformation and upgrading of economy,a startup swing all over the world,more and more people chose the road of entrepreneurship,the lower threshold of small businesses have sprung up.In the eighteenth big report "to support small micro enterprises,especi ally technology-based small microenterprise development","promote effici ent allocation of innovation resources and int-egrated,condensation of t he wisdom and strength in the whole society to innovation and development".Technology-based small micro enterprise is the most active and the most promising group,at the same time,it has an important strategic role in solving the employment problem,driving economic development and improvi ng people's living standard.Therefore,stimulating the development of Te chnology-based small micro enterprise is significant to improve the level of regional innovation,support economic development,enhance the nation al or regional economy.In recent years,unprecedented entrepreneurial boom is ushered in,th e subject of entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular with the scholars to have in-depth discussion,What factors to influence small e nterprises entrepreneurship is a relatively new research direction.This paper analyzes the factors that affect the entrepreneurial environment o f Technology-based small micro enterprise by analyzing the factors of the oretical analysis,case analysis and comparative analysis,and puts forwa rd the countermeasures and suggestions to optimize the entrepreneurial en viron-ment of Technology-based small micro enterprise.First,this paper analyse the construction effectiveness of Technolog y-based small micro enterprise in Huaya Daya Bay Economic and Technologic al Development Zone(hereinafter referred to as "Daya Bay area"),however,there are some proble-ms exposed with some achievements at the same time,including Technology-based small micro-enterprise growth is less than ex pected,the survival rate is low and so on.Secondly,based on the problems of Technology-based small micro-enter prise in Daya Bay area,this paper has in-depth study and discussion on "what factors influence small start-up business success":1,in the domes tic and foreign scholars about the key factors of science and technology enterprise business success point of view,combining with the characteris tics of technology-based small micro enterprise and expert advice,to bui Id initial system with factors that contribute to the success of micro s cience and technology enterprise;2,Through the analyse of dayawan incub ation enterprise research situation,to find key elements that contribute to the success of micro science and technology enterprise.Research sho ws that the impact of Daya Bay Technology-based small micro-enterprise en trepreneurial factors and its role mainly in the following points:?entr epreneurial environmental factors:the impact of science and technology i nnovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere,whether it will stimulate inno vative ideas and thinking;?Policy factors:the impact of Technology-base d small micro-enterprise enthusiasm,entrepreneurial behavior by the gove rnment support will promote the development of entrepreneurial activities;?Market factors:the impact of the depth of technological innovation and entrepreneurship,and guide the direction of entrepreneurship,but also to promote the market resources and market structure optimization;?Finan cing factors:the impact of sustainable development of science and techno logy innovation,entrepreneurship to sustainable development must have th e infusion of funds,Technology-based small micro-enterprise in the early stages of innovation due to business model,profit model still need to o ptimize and improve,so the project financing can help promote the develo pment of enterpr-ise;?enterprise cost factors:this factor on the impact of small business,but for sm-all and micro enterprises,the cost will a ffect the regional migration of enterprises;?internal factors:the impa ct of the enterprise whether there is a basis for business extension and product development.Finally,this paper was conducted by combining key factors,to improv e the Technology-based small micro-enterprise entrepreneurial success pro bability as the goal,according to the business enterprises and governmen t recommendations are given to improve the innovation and entrepreneurshi p policy system,optimize the innovation and entrepreneurial environment:1.To create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship,to str-engthen environmental construction,create a good external environment;2.Formulate special system policies,improve local government administrati-ve efficiency,and create a good business platform for small micro enter prises;3.Optimize the allocation of market resources,improve the servic-e mechanism of science and technology;4.Expand the financing channels,mobilize the social capital resources;5.Improve the entrepreneurial supp orting services and facilities,reduce operating costs;6.Improve the com position of entrepreneurial team,improve team competitiveness;7.Focus on enterprise research and development,enhance product innovation and co mpetitiveness;8.Strengthen internal management,and enterprise managemen-t innovation.
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