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Research On The Decision Support For The Grid Project Based On The Life-Cycle Cost Theory

Posted on:2018-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542477475Subject:Project management
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In order to meet the requirements of the rapid development of national economy and society,the State Grid increased investment of the construction of the distribution network in recent years.The state grid construction of our country from the new technology,new energy and changes in the electric power system reform,are faced with new opportunities and challenges.In face of numerous input grid infrastructure projects,how to do project management and evaluation will be the most important subject for the State Grid.Abandoned the traditional way of project management,finding the suitable way of sustainable development of LCAM is the trend of project management.The power system of the whole LCC management is designed to meet the safety and reliability of the operation of the state grid,on the basis of the entire network has the lowest total cost management objectives,use LCC technology to solve the contradiction of the grid between fast development and the lack of funds,reduce project(or equipment)the whole life cycle of the total cost,so as to improve the corporation comprehensive benefits.After analyzing the characteristic of every stage of the grid infrastructure projects and is established in the early stage of the project decision-making stage assets total life cycle cost calculation model,using the parameter estimation and the dynamic evaluation method of quantification and total project cost comparison and evaluation of science.In the applications of the model evaluation to the actual A project in decision making focus on the project planning and decision-making stage to conduct A comprehensive analysis and evaluation,through the above total cost LCC calculation model,than the selected scheme comparison and the final decision.Avoid the result of wrong decision due to the partial operations late caused by the initial investment cost.To promote a long-term view of total project cost is reduced,in scientific decision-making of grid infrastructure projects for the future laid a good foundation.
Keywords/Search Tags:State grid infrastructure project, The life cycle cost model, Project decision
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