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Empirical Research About The Workplace Newcomer On The Relationship Among Challenge And Hindrance Stressor,Work Engagement And Well-being

Posted on:2018-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The essence of human life is the pursuit of happiness,people can get happiness from life,also can be obtained from work,and this is the pursuit of happiness in a way,but also most people use the way.People spend most of the time in the enterprise and work,whether employees can be happy in their work,and how to enhance the well-being of employees become the problem that the academic and business managers are very concerned about.The working pressure is frequently encountered by employees,the working pressure can be described as a"double-edged sword",some studies have shown that too much working pressure has adverse effects on people's physical and mental health and emotional,thereby affecting the staff's work experience of well-being,but it is often said that the pressure is the driving force,in another word,the appropriate working pressure can inspire the working enthusiasm and challenge desire of the staff to generate good mood,improve employee satisfaction,so that working pressure can become the power to improve well-being.Therefore,what the impact of working pressure on well-being is,and how the different dimensions of the working pressure affect the well-being,and so on is worthy to further study.Based on this,about the relationship research between working pressure and well-being,this paper takes the workplace newcomer as the research object,selects the two dimensional of the working pressure,Challenge and Hindrance Stressors in the workplace to research the impact on the well-being,and to explore whether work engagement is a mediator between Challenge and Hindrance Stressors in the workplace and well-being.The empirical research results show that the Challenge and Hindrance Stressors in the workplace has a significant impact on well-being,challenge stressors has a significant positive impact on well-being,while hindrance stressors has a negative effect on well-being.The workplace newcomer's challenge stressors has significant positive predictive effect on the work engagement,while the hindrance stressors has a negative predictive effect on the work engagement,and the work engagement has a significant positive predictive effect on the well-being.Work engagement plays a partial mediating role in the workplace newcomer's Challenge and Hindrance Stressors on well-being.The results of the empirical study validate the hypothesis presented in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Challenge and Hindrance Stressor, Well-being, Work Engagement, The Workplace Newcomer
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