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Research On Technology Innovation Efficiency Of Chinese Provinces From The Perspective Of Intellectual Property Protection

Posted on:2017-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330566457371Subject:Applied Economics
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Technological innovation is the internal driving force for regional economic growth to achieve competitive advantage.With the intellectual property protection system establishing and improving,China's institutional environment science and technology innovation has an important guarantee for.Because of significant provincial differences in intellectual property protection,there is a big difference in the provincial science and technology innovation.Therefore,the research is based on the provincial science and technology from the perspective of intellectual property protection and its influencing factors.There would have optimal strength of protection of intellectual property to realize the maximum increase of provincial science and technology innovation efficiency.Related theory of both domestic and overseas research about the development of the technological innovation was systematically summarized and reviewed in this dissertation.In consideration of the intellectual property system,the impact of domestic international technology spillover on provincial science and technology innovation efficiency was prominent.So that the provincial science and technology innovation system was built,based on intellectual property protection.The provincial science and technology innovation efficiency evaluation index system was constructed and screened in accordance with the system.By using DEA-Malmquist index method,China's 31 provinces are selected as efficiency evaluation units,and the data of 2001-2014 in those provinces were collected.The results showed that the DEA relative efficiency values considered IPP were generally lower than that not considered IPP,and provincial science and technology innovation efficiency quite different.Science and technology innovation efficiency factors threshold panel model was built with the IPP as threshold variable.The results showed that the impact of international technology spillover factors on the provincial science and technology innovation efficiency was subjected by IPP double thresholds.Patent grants,technology market contract turnover,R&D funding strength was positively correlated with technological innovation efficiency,however,R&D personnel FTE negatively correlated with it.There are some ways to improve provincial technological innovation efficiency by strengthening intellectual property protection,optimizing resource allocation efficiency,accelerate the construction of science and technology innovation platform,strengthening the way the government the ability to boot the flow of foreign investment,and improving the conversion of international technology spillovers absorptive capacity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological innovation efficiency, Intellectual property protection, International technology spillovers, Threshold panel regression
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