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Research On Synchronous Rectification And Voltage Regulation Of Wireless Power Transmission

Posted on:2020-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590973788Subject:Electrical engineering
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The wireless energy transmission system enables people to get rid of the troubles caused by wired power supply,realizes the wireless transmission of electric energy,and its application range is increasingly wide.The transmission efficiency and power of the system have also become the focus of research.Based on this,the dissertation designs a voltage regulation scheme and corresponding closed-loop control strategy for the magnetic coupling resonant radio energy transmission system,and realizes the load voltage regulation function based on improving the transmission performance of the system.Compare,analyze and parameterize the resonant network of the system to explore the impact of different basic parameters on the transmission performance of the system.In order to improve the transmission performance of the system,a dual-inductor voltage-driven rectifier circuit is adopted.Since the resonant network is an LC-LC series structure,the structure and parameters of the resonant capacitor need to be optimized on the receiving side;different capacitance split ratios are analyzed.The influence caused by the receiving side rectifier circuit is selected to reduce the gap of the input current of the rectifying part to make the circuit reach a more ideal operating state;the circuit on the receiving side is synchronously rectified to improve the transmission efficiency of the system.For the design of the system voltage regulation scheme,on the basis of synchronous rectification,the receiving side switching tube is controlled.Compared with the traditional voltage regulating method,the control strategy reduces the loss generated by the system.The voltage across the receiving side coil is compared with the peripheral reference voltage to obtain a PWM wave that drives the rectifying side switching tube.By adjusting the reference voltage of the peripheral device,the duty cycle of the PWM voltage of the driving switching tube is changed,and then the conduction of the switching tube is adjusted.Time,the working state of the circuit is changed to achieve the effect of voltage regulation.In the case of load fluctuation,in order to stabilize the output voltage of the circuit,a closed-loop control strategy is designed to obtain the required output voltage value.The control strategy does not need to be connected to the transmitting end,which improves the reliability of the system transmission.The hardware circuit is designed.It is proved by experiments that the circuit topology can improve the transmission efficiency of the system under the condition of synchronous rectification.By controlling the conduction time of the receiving side switch tube,the load output voltage can be adjusted.Under different working conditions The closed-loop control maintains the stability of the output voltage and verifies the feasibility of the voltage regulation scheme and the closed-loop control strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:wireless power transmission, magnetic coupling resonance, voltage regulation circuit, synchronous rectification
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