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Design And Research On Power Load Remote Control System Via Two Way Automatic Communication System

Posted on:2020-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of China's economy,the electricity consumption of residents and industries continue to increase.The fluctuation of the electric load during a day is very large,due to the different power consumption in various fields of society,which is the industrial load during the day increases significantly while the civilian load in the evening does so.If it is not adjusted and controlled,the consequences will be disastrous.In addition,in order to meet the peak load by increasing the power generation,not only a large amount of waste is caused,but also the power supply equipment frequently starts and stops with the change of the load,and the operation mode of the power grid also changes frequently,which reduces the service life of the equipment.Therefore,when the electric energy shows a contradiction between supply and demand,a better solution is to adjust the electric load curve by controlling the electric load effectively to achieve a secure load rate.Two Way Automatic Communication System(TWACS)is a signal transmission method that utilizes a large amount of information generated by the power frequency waveform distortion of the power grid.This transmission technology,with strong anti-interference and penetration,can basically realize long distance signal transmission that covers the region of transformer.Based on TWACS,the construction of distributed structure master station equipment will play a new creative role on remote monitoring and data transmission in China.Although the application of new power communication technology will bring revolutionary impact to China's power communication,there are still obstacles in the implementation process.Taking the application meaning of the distributed structure of the power frequency communication master station equipment as the entry point,the paper analyses the principles and functions of TWACS,and with the help of it designs a remote control system for power load,which is an effective and promising control method.The system applies the principle that the artificial short circuit of the power grid causes the waveform distortion of the power grid.It achieves the remote control of the electrical load through the whole transmission of the distortion information generated by an artificial short circuit of the power grid which is caused by controlling the conduction of the thyristor with single-chip microcomputer based on the agreed coding law and the three-phase rotation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:load control, distributed, TWACS, a transmitter circuit, a receiver circuit
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