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A Report On C-E Translation Of Culturally-loaded Terms In Historical Novels

Posted on:2019-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G C LuFull Text:PDF
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In recent years,many historical novels have been published and come into foreign readers' views which has led to a great demand for translation.Therefore,it is of great significance to research into C-E translation of historical novels,in which the Culturally-loaded terms are the main obstacles.However,the status quo of C-E translation of historical novels is not satisfactory.Thus how to improve the quality of translation especially the Culturally-loaded terms has become a major problem which is in urgent need of solution.This report mainly focuses on the translation of Culturally-loaded terms in historical novels from the guidance of Skopos rule.The translating practice of Stories of the Qing Dynasty(excerpts)is used as an example in this thesis.There are several cultural and historical words or expressions in source text.Thus in this report,the author explores and analyzes some translation strategies of culturally-loaded terms under the guidance of Skopos rule.The author has analyzes such methods as literal translation,free translation,transliteration and amplification to translate culturally-loaded terms.Meanwhile the author hopes that these strategies can help target readers fully understand translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Skopos Rule, Culturally-loaded Terms, Translation Strategy
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