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Reconstruction And Performance Of Ancient Architecture Based On Virtual Reality

Posted on:2019-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330551459908Subject:Art and design
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Virtual reality VR's disruptive ability to innovate has changed the basic senses of the visual,auditory,and tactile experience of the experience.The world of VR has the ability to create realistic,real-world images while also having the ability to create a magical world that is completely out of the real world.VR has been amazingly applied in many fields.More and more VR arts have appeared in art fairs,galleries and art galleries.Ancient architecture,ancient village development and protection also showed great interest in VR art,and virtual reality panoramic image technology has also begun to be widely used in the restoration and reconstruction of ancient architecture.Nowadays,people pay more and more attention to ancient architecture.With the development of virtual reality technology,it is becoming a reality to build buildings and villages at any time.In this paper,through the use of VR technology to create a panoramic image works of the storehouse in Taiyuan,Shanxi,it is discussed that the display form of VR panoramic image breaks the limitation of time and space,providing a new perspective and new virtual experience for the development and promotion of ancient architecture.,More people can view the ancient architecture of the place without leaving the house through the panoramic image.They can choose the scene they want to watch and the desired perspective,and they can experience the ancient architecture.Contains historical landscape and humanistic feelings.The interactive nature of the panoramic image gives people a sense of freshness in the experience of ancient villages,fully mobilizing the visitors' different senses and bringing people unprecedented visual and auditory enjoyment.As a new form of expression,the panoramic image satisfies the modern people's constant pursuit of artistic beauty and brings more choices and challenges to the artist's creation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Panoramic image, VR ancient buildings, Virtual experience
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