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A Report On Translation Of Text Typology And Translation (Page119-168)

Posted on:2019-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The title of this Translation is Text Typology and Translation,which is an academic work.This book is written,edited,and published by Danish famous writer and translator Anna Trosborg.Among the translation materials,pages from 119 to168 were translated by the author,mainly about translation of political and medical texts.The translation practice report is based on the text type theory of Peter Newmark.Text Typology and Translation mainly belongs to informational text which is supplemented by expressive text.The translation strategy used in the translator's translation practice is Newmark's semantic and communicative translation.This report is composed of five chapters including an introduction to the translation project in the first part,description of the process of doing this translation in the second part;an introduction to the text type theory;semantic translation and communicative translation in the third part;an analysis of the translation text combined with theoretical knowledge in the fourth part;and a summary of the translation practice the fifth part.This translation practice is of great significance for the study of text types and translation scholars.
Keywords/Search Tags:politics and translation, medical translation, communicative translation, semantic translation
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