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The Reproduction Of Conceptual Structure In English-Chinese Translation

Posted on:2019-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Technology is giving life the potential to flourish at an unprecedented speed.How can human make use of the latest science and technology and keep up with the time? The translation material Being human in the age of artificial intelligence teaches people the right attitude to live with the changing technologies.Its language is very challenging which is not so difficult to understand but is hard to express in Chinese correctly.The translation aims at the same mentality experience between bilateral readers.The conceptual structure comparison was applied in the translation of the source text as a guiding ideology.Conceptual Structure was first proposed by linguist R.Jackendoff,but professor Lu Guoqiang summarized his translation practice for more than 20 years and put forward Conceptual Structure Comparison,discussing the usage of conceptual structure in language transformation.The translator interprets the original patterns of syntactic,semantic,pragmatic,logic and social culture,and converts the conceptual structure of the source text to the target one for matching target readers' mode of thinking better.Examples are listed from contrastive translation of conceptual structure on word level,sentence level and text level respectively.Analyzing the company words will helps better understand the original word because each word has its company words both in meaning and structure.As for sentence translation,conceptual structure transformation can be achieved by interpreting the meaning of the source sentence and rewriting its meaning in target sentence structure.Text is the highest level of conceptual structure and has a larger context.Text translation focuses on the coherence and relevance of its inner structures between two languages.The translation practice confirms the feasibility of translating an article through the contrastive analysis of conceptual structures,and guides the language learners to use conceptual structure to deal with language information from the perspective of thinking patterns through theoretical and practical demonstration.
Keywords/Search Tags:conceptual structure, comparison, target language, translation
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