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Report On Investment Promotion Texts Translation Of Jiangbei District Of Ningbo

Posted on:2018-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As we all know,an appropriate English translation of investment promotion is a portal and platform for the successful investment.It can not only enhance the success rate of attracting investment,but also successfully present the image of enterprises,cities,or countries,thus the quality of translated texts is quite critical.In order to attract foreign investment and promote economic development,the departments concerned of Ningbo have attached great importance to investment promotion texts and translation work.Undoubtedly,a high-quality English translation of the investment promotion texts plays a very important role in achieving the investment promotion purpose and improving the strength and competitiveness of local economy.Based on a portion of investment promotion materials of Ningbo Jiangbei District Merchants Bureau and the previous research in this field,the author combines Verschueren's Adaptation Theory with the Chinese to English translation(shortened as C-E translation henceforth)practice of investment promotion texts.Then the author makes concrete analysis on the various translation examples in the English translation,which demonstrates the applicability of the theory in the C-E translation of investment promotion texts.At the same time,the author also discusses how to use Adaptation Theory to solve translation difficulties in the process of translation practice.On the basis of the studies,the conclusion has been drawn that translators should adapt to the structure of the target language and the target language readers' contextual relations to solve the three difficulties.The difficulties involve the translation of characteristic place nouns and terminology,the conversion of language structures and styles as well as the closeness of ideology and thinking.It is hoped that the report will be conducive to improving the investment promotion texts translation and may provide some practical reference and guidance for other researchers and practitioners.
Keywords/Search Tags:C-E translation of investment promotion texts, Adaptation Theory, translation difficulties, adaptation to the structure of target language, adaptation to target language readers' contextual correlates
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