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Design And Development Of College English Course Based On Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2020-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330575455624Subject:Education Technology
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With the continuous development of hardware and network technology,many emerging technologies are also moving from behind the scenes to the path of popularization.In the past two years,'Virtual Reality'(VR)has been a hot topic in the fields of industry,education and research.With the development of software and the reduction of related hardware costs,and the huge potential of virtual reality technology in the field of training and education,it is imperative to develop and design related courses and supporting materials.Combining with the research of some Chinese scholars on the existing problems in College English teaching,the combination of virtual reality technology and college English teaching is a new way to improve the teaching effect.In this study,the teaching content of "English Short Stories Course" is made into VR video and applied to education and teaching.The original monotonous and dull teaching content becomes vivid and interesting by means of technical means.Meanwhile,the smartphone is used as a platform to help learners learn and understand.By watching the video,learners can memorize the text in the textbook more efficiently.Word content also understands knowledge points.This study includes five main contents: The first chapter is the introduction.This chapter analyses the background of the age,briefly expounds the research status of this study at home and abroad,and clarifies the purpose and significance of this study,research content and methods.The second chapter is about the basic concepts and theoretical basis of the study.The third chapter is instructional design,which elaborates the instructional design model and the details of each instructional design.This study takes the short story "Early Autumn" as an example to produce VR video.The course mainly includes two parts: "scene restoration" and "content teaching".The former is to restore the scene of the novel through software,and the latter is to restore the content that learners want to learn.Through the ingenious integration of teaching design into the novel."Scene Restoration" includes restoring the scenes,characters and the overall atmosphere of the novel;the teaching theme of each unit of "Content Teaching" includes literary theory knowledge and detailed appreciation of the specific works for the course participants to read and learn.The fourth chapter is the design and production of video.According to my own production experience,combined with the general process of software development model and VR development,the author summarizes a set of VR teaching video production model.At the same time,the design principle,scene design,script design and production process of VR video production are briefly described.The fifth chapter is the application implementation process and effect analysis.The author combines the relevant consumer experience theory and teaching content,designs a testing system,analyses the data collected after the experiment,and uses these data to analyze the validity of the VR teaching video.Chapter 6 is the summary and Prospect of the study.The results show that the application of VR video in college foreign language teaching can further satisfy learners' needs for multi-sensory interaction,interaction and multi-dimensional cognition.From the comparison of VR video and traditional teaching methods,learners can learn that VR video enabled learners experience more novelty and help improve teaching effect.Survey data show that VR video is more intuitive and visually attractive than traditional teaching methods.Finally,through the analysis of the results,this study proves that the application of VR video in the process of education and teaching not only enriches the teaching form,but also provides a new way of thinking for the teaching and experience of courses,and helps to improve the learning effect of learners.
Keywords/Search Tags:VR technology, Virtual reality, English short stories, Instructional design, Sense of immersion
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