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Research On The Realistic Experience Of The Famous Painting Based On The Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2019-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Virtual reality technology is a new concept that has emerged in recent years.This is a computer technology that is built by human beings to experience the virtual world and simulate the environment.Compared with the traditional interactive operation,this technology can give users more intimate human-computer interaction experience from the perspective of vision,hearing and touch.The combination of virtual reality technology and existing traditional art can make the form of traditional art more intuitive and interact with users,so that the viewer can obtain the corresponding logic and dimension information in the multi-angle experience.The traditional art exhibition is often limited by the display space and the characteristics of the works.It is difficult for the viewer to fully understand the details of the exhibits and appreciate the value.With the advent of digital exhibition,virtual reality technology has also breathed new life into traditional art.Digitization of traditional art form through audio and visual sense of touch and other multidimensional experience,broke through the old time and space constraints,can deliver more information to the audience,to broaden the historical value of the painting itself,makes the visiting experience more rich.This project will be based on virtual reality that technology applied in the field of traditional art and painting to explore and prospect,Immerse Han Xizai evening banquet in a digital immersive experience simulation and through the audio-visual multi-senses to the audience interactive display.Compared with the traditional art media and the existing artistic advantages and disadvantages of digital media,this paper further promotes the further development of virtual reality in the art field,thus enriching the scope of the concept of artistic creation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual reality technology, Interaction design, Traditional art
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