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Design And Implementation Of Shaanxi Fengxiang Wood New-Year Paintings Color Database

Posted on:2020-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fengxiang wood New-Year pictures,as the folk art with the most traditional artistic characteristics in China,is a kind of painting form to convey the yearning for a better life.But as for the nowadays status of new development situation is not very positive,by scholars in the study of posters inheritance people to love the posters and protected by the state policy,is the protection of new value,,"the Chinese wood New-Year pictures database construction and the oral history methodology and research"is listed as a major national social science fund project,but in Fengxiang wood New-Year pictures in the database in the field of digital information is still not perfect,this topic to build Fengxiang wood New-Year pictures as a starting point,the non-material cultural heritage Fengxiang wood New-Year pictures digital protection and retained.The purpose of this paper is to solve the problems faced by intangible cultural heritage in a digital way.At present,most of the existing Fengxiang wood New-Year pictures are image records or text records.The paper materials are difficult to retain and follow-up researchers are difficult to find.It integrates the image data,the color of the New-Year pictures and the text materials into a digital and informationized system for easy collection and retention.It provides a digitized system for experts and scholars to browse,search and compare the data.The information is managed in a series of ways to facilitate the backstage managers to carry out effective maintenance of the database data content.For scholars,it is convenient to use and find relevant resources,such as original drawings,theme colors and proprietary color numbers,and so on.Therefore,through the method of color acquisition,and the use of CIE 1976 color difference formula to collect the data of color difference comparison,data analysis,proprietary color card and color threshold range statistics,finally build the Fengxiang Wood New-Year pictures exclusive color database.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fengxiang wood New-Year paintings, Non heritage protection, Color collectionl, Color database
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