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A Comparative Analysis Of Chinese Wood-panel New Year Pictures And Japanese Ukiyo-e

Posted on:2017-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2435330575488683Subject:Fine Arts
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As we know,the New Year pictures have a very lucky implied meaning,they frequently frequent in our eyes in the holiday season.Ukiyoe as a symbol of the Japanese painting is also familiar to us.In the Ming dynasty,the New Year pictures have developed to the peak.Early Ukiyoe learned from the wood engraving and they all born from the community public,more specifically,they must have the similarity.Moreover,with the development of their constant,Ukiyoe made amazing artistic achievements,and it has an important influence to the western painting,the New Year pictures today is a unique art which has not too much people love it,but its own charm still had a profound influence to the development of Chinese painting.In this article I will analyze and compare the two plants,New Year pictures and Ukiyoe,whether they are similar or not.Further,I will analyze Chinese and Japanese art and try to find the difference from Chinese art and Japanese art in their naturally born.This article is divided in four parts,include the New Year pictures and Ukiyoe's origin,material,production,and from the Chinese and Japanese social ideology to compare the two,then summarized.However,I hope this article can help the people which learn Chinese painting and help them to understand art.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Year pictures, Ukiyoe, Wood engraving, Street art
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