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A Study On Teacher-Mediated Mobile Learning Of Listening And Speaking Of College English

Posted on:2019-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330545971476Subject:Second Language Acquisition
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With the increasing frequency of international exchanges and intensity of social competition,China has set higher and higher requirements on English proficiency for college students,especially in listening and speaking abilities.College students need not only acquire basic skills such as listening,speaking,reading and writing,but also apply them in specific situations and proper communication circumstances,which is the ultimate goal of college English teaching.In the past twenty years,researches on mobile learning in foreign countries has shifted their focus from theoretical studies to application levels.In recent years,research focus of mobile learning in China has also been transferred from perspectives of internet technology,pedagogy and learning activities,discussing feasibility of mobile learning,to mobile learning research of college English listening and writing.However,few studies have linked English mobile learning with teacher mediation.The study hopes to offer reference for college English teaching of listening and speaking under the M-learning background and to provide a new kind of English teaching form for college teachers and students.By conducting a ten-week experiment,a semi-structured interview and questionnaire about one hundred sophomore students in one of the universities in Jiangxi,this study tries to investigate the effect of teacher-mediated mobile learning on listening and speaking of college English,and answer the following two specific questions: 1)Does teacher-mediated mobile learning affect students' listening and speaking abilities? 2)Does teachers' mediation on mobile learning also affect students' attitudes towards teacher mediation?Result of this experiment attested that teacher-mediated mobile learning may contribute significant progress to students' English listening and speaking abilities.Teacher-mediated mobile learning has little influence on students' perception towards teacher mediation on the whole,but teacher's mediation in mobile learning of listening and speaking has reduced students' perception of “individuality”,and has made students attach more importance to “goal-setting”,“challenge”,and “awareness of change”.Implications for teaching and learning of college English are offered in the study.In mobile learning of English,teachers' encouragement in using good Apps atappropriate time and their help in habit-forming of controlling students' behaviors may affect more than other forms of mediation.Setting appropriate goals and challenge also play important roles in learning English.If teachers pay attention to the four parts mentioned above,teacher-mediated mobile learning may help a lot to students in English.
Keywords/Search Tags:teacher mediation, mobile learning, listening, speaking, college English
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