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A Study On The Application Of Genre-based English Reading Strategy In Senior High School

Posted on:2020-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Foreign language reading ability is an important part of learners' foreign language ability.Reading teaching has always been an important part of English teaching,especially in senior high school.However,the traditional methods used in reading teaching,which mainly focus on grammar explanation and vocabulary analysis,neglect the reading genre,are hard to adapt to the requirements of the New Curriculum Standard.Moreover,the lack of reading strategy guidance and training cannot meet the needs of students to improve their reading ability.So it is necessary for English teachers to explore a more effective reading teaching model.Scholars abroad and at home have made remarkable achievements in the study of reading strategies from both theoretical and empirical perspectives,providing new perspectives and methods for reading teaching.However,the study on how to combine English textbooks for senior high schools of PEP edition to explore how to effectively carry out reading strategy training is not deep enough.Therefore,based on theories of schema,discourse analysis and genre analysis,this study applies genre-based reading strategy to senior high school English reading teaching,aiming to explore the role of genre-based reading strategy in promoting English reading teaching.In order to achieve this goal,three research questions are set up in this study:(1)What is the effect of genre-based reading strategy training for training and strengthening students' consciousness of using reading strategy?(2)What is the effect of genre-based reading strategy training for students' English reading comprehension ability?(3)What is the effect of genre-based reading strategy training for improving students' reading performance?The study selects 105 students from two classes of Panshan Senior High School as the subjects and lasts four months.The questionnaire,reading tests and interview are employed as tools for data collection.The data are analyzed by SPSS software.The study results show that by the application of genre-based reading strategy training,English teachers can train and enhance students' awareness of using reading strategies,cultivate students' reading comprehension ability,and improve students' reading performance.At the same time,teachers should make efforts to carry out genre-based reading strategy training when students begin their senior high school study.
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