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Research On The Design And Experience Of Shadow Play Based On Augmented Reality

Posted on:2019-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After more than two thousand years of development,the traditional shadow play has high aesthetic value and dissemination value.With the rapid development of new media technologies,users' aesthetic needs and entertainment methods have changed.The use of digital media technologies to explore the protection and inheritance of traditional shadow plays has become a real issue.In the above background,the design of shadow play based on augmented reality is the exploration of the digitalization of traditional shadow art,and it also opens up new ideas for the digital creation and dissemination of shadow art.First of all,the traditional shadow play has unique shape features,complex performance modes and rich cultural connotations.The augmented reality technology preserves the expressive features of traditional shadow play,and through the interactive expression and immersive experience,the effects of shadow shadow propagation are profound.Change.The analysis of the characteristics of traditional shadow art and the characteristics of augmented reality shadow plays,and finding the point of convergence between the two are the theoretical basis for augmented reality shadow play design.Combining the expression features of traditional shadow play with digital media technology,the feasibility of the design of shadow play based on augmented reality is analyzed.That is,the augmented reality shadow play can be used to demonstrate the dynamic beauty of shadow art,construct the three-dimensional beauty of shadow art,and inherit the intrinsic beauty of shadow art.Secondly,augmented reality shadow plays include the three main functions of “AR Shadow Play”,“AR Fun Shadow Play” and “Understanding Shadow Play Story”.The design goals and design principles are determined according to the system functions,and the interface design and function development of the system are completed.Design the interface with visual aesthetics and shadow theme and complete the simple and rational interface function development.Through 3ds Max to create a three-dimensional shadow model,using Vuforia SDK to create recognition maps and identify and match through Image Targets parameters,realize the augmented reality function in Unity3 D.Based on this,the development of interactive functions,sound and picture functions and social functions is completed,the user's sense of interest and immersion are enhanced,and the spread of the system is improved.Finally,test and analyze the user experience of the augmented reality shadow play system and the effect of traditional shadow art.Through data summarization,explore the user experience advantages of augmented reality shadow play in terms of ease of use,interaction and satisfaction,as well as the advantages of propaganda,protection,and education in order to explore the significance of the design of shadow play based on augmented reality.In summary,the design of shadow play based on augmented reality is an attempt to digitalize the experience and dissemination of traditional shadow art.By watching a three-dimensional shadow play in a real scene and experiencing an interesting three-dimensional shadow shadow character,it is beneficial to users' cognition and comprehension of shadow art.The exploration of the design of shadow play based on augmented reality explores new ideas for the digital protection of the shadow art and the digital protection and dissemination of Chinese traditional folk art.
Keywords/Search Tags:Augmented reality, Shadow art, Unity3D, User experience
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