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The Creation And Research Of Chinese Painting Augmented Reality Art Works

Posted on:2021-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330611467770Subject:Industrial design engineering
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In the 21 st century with rapid economic development,China's influence and cultural soft power have been increasingly strengthened.In order to better rebuild national cultural pride and cultural confidence in the modern society of economic globalization,the development and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture have been attached great importance.As one of the representative traditional cultures,the development of traditional Chinese painting is of great significance and value to the development of traditional culture.Chinese painting is a kind of traditional art language,which represents the longest and most splendid cultural connotation of the Chinese nation and has profound cultural deposits.Chinese painting based on the current social environment,with the time and overlapping,break through the existing restrictions,constantly comb their own evolution track,to find the direction of development.Contemporary young people grew up in the first year of the Internet,and they prefer the emerging culture of fashion.Meanwhile,with the change of lifestyle,the space for traditional culture to intervene in life is narrower,and the relationship between the public and traditional culture and art is no longer close.Traditional Chinese painting art is gradually forgotten by the public,and the art of traditional Chinese painting begins to decline.In the era of new media,the combination of traditional culture and new technology can enrich the art forms of traditional culture,which is of great significance for creating art works with local style.At the same time,the addition of traditional culture can provide rich materials and resources,and enrich the deficiency of technical works in content and visual presentation,so as to output art works of cultural value.Augmented reality has been used in many fields,and its application in the art field has become a new direction for designers to explore art and practice.The advent of new technology has brought vitality to the traditional art field.The combination of Chinese painting elements and AR technology can extend visual experience,promote the development of Chinese painting style art works,and provide a new development direction for other works in the traditional art field.We will promote the efficient integration of strategic and cultural industries,export and carry forward the fine Chinese culture,and raise China's soft power and international influence.CDIM theory as the instruction,this paper in the new era of digital development as the research core of traditional Chinese painting,the integrated use of modern popular digital media technology and AR technology to explore traditional Chinese painting in the new era under the background of the new model,the technique of traditional Chinese painting ink and augmented reality of technical characteristics is analyzed,from the aspects of interactive visual experience to explore the main points of the traditional Chinese painting with augmented reality,in spring,summer,autumn,winter,four themes for scenario design,development to create is given priority to with ink painting style of three-dimensional ink augmented reality interactive display works of art,focusing on the immersive interactive experience,AR traditional Chinese painting works that integrate technology,art and traditional culture will be formed,so that traditional Chinese painting will be brought to life in the new era.
Keywords/Search Tags:Augmented Reality, Ink Painting, AR Art, Visual Experience
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