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Text Cohesion In Chinese-English Translation

Posted on:2020-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Fundamentals of Chinese Culture is regarded as a classic book of Chinese cultural research.The book is divided into 14 parts,and this report mainly reports on the translation process of Chapter 7.This chapter explains the reasonable problems in Chinese culture,including the importance of rationality,the difference of rationality and reasonability,the embodiment of the reasonability of the whole Chinese nation,etc.When translating,the author of this report noticed that the translation should also give consideration to text cohesion.The translation is realized based on text.And cohesion is one of the most important features of text.Therefore,the translation is supposed to have the feature of cohesion.However,Chinese and English differ from each other.Chinese is characterized by parataxis.A Chinese text can be featured by reiteration,null subjects or implicit relations between the adjacent sentences.And in most cases,the punctuation marks in a Chinese text also function a lot.Despite of these characteristics,a Chinese text can be still cohesive.However,English is featured by hypotaxis;it completes the text narration by the absolute grammatical structure to make the text cohesive.To make the whole translation cohesive,the author of the report thinks that the translators should attach importance of text of English translation.In this report,the author of the report will report how to make the Chinese-English translation cohesive.This report includes four parts in total.The first part introduces the translation tasks;the second part records the process of translation;the third part reports the ways of realizing text cohesion with specific cases,and the last part is a conclusion of the whole report.
Keywords/Search Tags:parataxis and hypotaxis, text cohesion, grammatical cohesion, lexical cohesion, punctuation marks
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