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Research On Augmented Reality-Based Interactive Spatial Art Composition And Aesthetic Experience

Posted on:2012-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper studies the new interactive space art generated by Augmented Reality technology, and researches the changes of components and aesthetic experience of new space art in order to guide the development of its theory. In the theory of components of new space art, this paper will mainly focus on the deconstruction of new space art and reconstruction of space art. For the aesthetic experience of new space art, this paper will mainly Arnheim's visual cognition and Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, and cognition aesthetics will be used to explore the changes of spirit aesthetics in new space art.As to the theory of space art deconstruction, process philosophy will be applied in order to deconstruct new space art and make it clearer, and this will contribute to the construction of space art theory. In the course of my research, due to the application of Augmented Reality technology in space art, space art changed from the inherent, simplex and fractured one to the changing, complex and extending space art.The new space generated by Augmented Reality technology not only merges the physical properties of virtual and real space, also, it changes the non-physical properties of space art, and space art gets the features of deconstructionism and structuralism as to the identity, diversity, inclusivity and ductility properties owned by new space art.When users enter the interactive art space with Augmented Reality technology, their sense organs will receive stimulation and they will immerse in the virtual space. In the process of immersion, the personal space art will be generated when their mind releases, which we called"the second trueness",the best experience will appear. Personal space art although its appearance is open and free, its inherence is rigid and solemn, also it has the function of autocriticism.
Keywords/Search Tags:augmented reality, interactive space art, space construction art, aesthetic experience
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