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Research On The Application Of Traditional Wood Carving Art In The Development And Design Of Modern Tourism Products

Posted on:2021-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330614960612Subject:Art and design
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The main content of the research is "The application research of traditional wood carving art in the development and design of modern tourism products.The article takes the wood carving art of Lushan in Yaan as an example.Through the study of the traditional wood carving art and regional culture of Lushan,it also studies the language and regional cultural elements of wood carving.To explore materials and craft resources,explore how to apply the traditional handicraft of wood carving to the design of tourism products,and integrate it into modern life in the tourism market,so as to transform cultural value into economic value and realize the sustainable development of traditional craft culture and economy.The application of traditional woodcarving art in the development of tourism products has the main significance that through this action,it can bring certain economic benefits to local tourism and provide employment opportunities,and establish a more sustainable endogenous growth mechanism for Lushan.Inheritance and development bring about design and production methods that can be explored and practiced;through cultural inheritance and protection,enhance the local unique cultural atmosphere,and let the roots of culture be passed down from generation to generation;through the characteristics of handicrafts,the phenomenon of crude production of the current tourism product market To change while injecting vitality into the development of township tourism.Lushan County,Ya'an City,Sichuan Province is famous for carving wooden materials such as root carvings.Its carving art has matured as early as the Han Dynasty stone carving period.Later,due to the rich forest resources in Lushan County,the unique wood carving art of Lushan gradually evolved.From the perspective of traditional culture,Lushan has the reputation of "the hometown of cultural relics in the Han Dynasty".From the perspective of materials,the jinsinan produced in Lushan is the best.From the analysis of the market,Lushan has 4A-level tourist attractions,Resource platforms such as giant panda habitat and large-scale root carving market;from the aspect of policy,the Lushan County Government pointed out that it proposed to give full play to the advantages of the large county of cultural relics and promote the integrated development of cultural tourism.The overall development direction and the design intervention are urgently needed;therefore,taking Lushan as an example,the research on the application oftraditional wood carving art in the development and design of local modern tourism products has certain practical research significance.The main levels of the dissertation are:1.Analyze the application characteristics of traditional craft culture in the design of modern tourism products,and analyze the current situation of Lushan tourism products market,analyze the local materials,craftsmanship,culture and other aspects to propose the preliminary design concept of wood carving tourism accessories.;2.Through the investigation and analysis of Lushan woodcarving jewelry,including the analysis and summary of the types and deficiencies of woodcarving tourism jewelry,combining the development trend of modern design and lifestyle,it is proposed to design woodcarving tourism jewelry to inherit and develop Lushan.Traditional wood carving art has meaning.;3.According to the direction of wooden carving tourism accessories,deeply explore the characteristics of materials,culture,form and craftsmanship of Lushan wood carving,design the positioning of the tourism product,comb the design method and content with the design concept,and propose a preliminary design plan and sketch.The final design is obtained through comparison and deliberation.;4.Prospects for the subsequent promotion,sales,and improvement of self-culture of the designed product,hoping that the entire design is not an end point but a starting point for "design".
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional wood carving, local culture, tourism product, driving development
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