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Research On The Application Of Folk Culture Of Dong Nationality, Tongdao, Xiangxi In Wood-Carving Work-Custom Of Dong

Posted on:2013-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2235330371977410Subject:Art of Design
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Note of Dong Nationality: It is an ethnic group which lives community, of strong socialcohesion, favorable of big group village. During their long history, the jointly life andproduction not only inherited the main characters of the ancient culture of Yue people, butalso created profound material wealth, and left magnificent culture with ethnic characteristicsto the descendant. Dong is a creative nation, which concentrated reflection of delicate uniquearchitecture, Dong sincere society, soft Shaman religion, Lusheng Grand Song, love affairscustom of travelling around the village and other unique cultures contained significantcultural values. Thus, the research on Dong culture heritage will be helpful to understand,inherit, and protect the excellent traditional culture of Dong.To pursue the new form of the ethnic decoration elements in modern times, is theexternal proposition of the artistic creation. This article combined my own wood-carving andwall hanging work “Custom of Dong”, based on the process of the wood carving. By meansof the communication with the Dong people and organization of the fragment materials,collected the information. Deepen research on the characteristics of Dong, Tongdao, Hunanculture, mainly focused on exploration and analyze of the unique natural geographicenvironment and human environment of Dong, Tongdao, Hunan autonomous county,summarize the heritage with Dong characteristics to realize the integration of theory andpractice.It mainly focused on the specific analyses of the content and concludes creation and soon. In terms of content creation, took six groups of the most representative folk festivals asthe subject, choose Tongdao Xiangxi unique artistic style village architecture, bright andcolorful ethnic clothes and various mineral vegetation, to show these festival scenes. As for the creation and conclusion, guided by the aesthetics theory, elaborately organize the pictures.Summarize the clothes, architecture, handicraft instruments; dance of Dong tore-constructure.Under the premise of basic folk customs, not confined by Dong regionalcustoms adhere to the principle of only beautiful first. With the exaggeration decorationtechnique manifesting the beauty of architectural, dress, singing, dancing, and life,to laud ournational essence of Dong cultural heritage.It adopted a way which combines theory with practical graphic. By the followingconductive ways like fieldwork method archival research and comparative study, these mainlyexpressed the profound cultural connotation and Rich artistic characteristic of Dong culturalheritage, as well as endow this precious history cultural with new value. Through manifestingthe beauty of Dong produce spiritual resonance with viewers, and evoke people toward it.
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