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Study On The Vigorous Development Of Wood Carving Industry In Putian Fujian

Posted on:2009-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360272457327Subject:Industrial design engineering
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The preservation and development of traditional crafts has been a long existing problem. It is not a matter of whether to protect or not, but how to protect. Wood carving has had a brilliant history, and it is experiencing an new upsurge of industrialization. It has practical significance for the preservation and development of traditional crafts in the whole country to study the vitalization and development of traditional crafts by analyzing the development of the wood carving industry in Putian.Putian's wood carving has a long history. It began in Tang Dynasty and prospered in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Wood carving is characterized with fine sculpture and piercing engraving skill. This craft was a very important functional handcraft and was extensivly applied in temple decoration, traditional architecture decoration, and furniture, Buddha and Buddhist utensil decoration. After the all-time low periods before Liberation and during the Cultural Revolution, with the rapid economic development, high modernization and industrialization, Putain's wood carving became an only flourishing craft in contrast with other arts and crafts' downturn. The production scale of wood carving industry has been greatly enlarged. With its profound tradition, the craft radiates vitality characteristic of Putian distict.Large demand has greatly promote the development of Putian's wood carving industry. A large number of talents and lots of strength are attracted to the fields of production, processing and market development. However, It is a long-standing phenomenon that in the arts and crafts field craftmanship is attached much importance while related systematic study is underrated. This phenomenon is especially obvious in the study on Putian's wood carving. There is a sharp contrast between the study on Putian's wood carving and the existing state of its development. The study of this craft seriously lacks liveliness.Therefore, it is necessary and meaningful to have a complete, systematic and thorough study on Putian's wood carving craft by means of analyzing the craft's industrialization. It will fill in the gaps in the field of the study on this expressive craft of long history, and make the first comprehensive summary and analysis of the craft. The study is to make a rational review and reflection to the rapid and fiery development of this industry. This will be practically significant for the sustainable development of this industry, and will enlighten other classes of arts and crafts in their development.
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