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Image Expression · My Practice Of Etchings Creation

Posted on:2021-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mr Huang says "merciless mo painting,painting mo merciless".My creation of etchings is mainly devoted to the study of how to achieve the emotional expression of works through the form."Image" is a form of expression in which the painter externalizes the subjective emotion.How to achieve "image expression" through the art form of etchings,is based on life to determine the painting theme,summed up the most impressive things,and then choose the elements suitable for the performance of the theme,the picture design,layout,with a new form of expression and artistic effect to reflect their original intention of creation.For modern young people,in real life,facing two big problems,namely,easy and comfortable for quiet and peaceful life yearning and face all kinds of choice of anxiety,my work by trying to image performance,the method of the two groups in etching technique and unique artistic effect to show young people's mood and state,and look forward to cause the resonance of the audience by the works.Series creation "choice" with common furniture and birds as objects,to show our life in the face of choice."Dream" series is the birds and buildings as objects,metaphor in the loss of our vision of a better life.
Keywords/Search Tags:copper print creation, image expression, emotion expression
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