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Research On The Path Of Virtual Reality Technology In Animation Creation

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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VR animation creates a new form of animation with its subversive viewing experience.This paper focuses on the path of virtual reality technology applied to animation creation.Through the analysis of its vision,script and the ideas of interactive design,the general characteristics and methods of VR animation creation are extracted.This paper summarizes the path of VR animation creation in order to provide possible reference and communication for VR animation creation in the future.First of all,by combing the development of virtual reality technology,the evolution of virtual reality technology and its application in various fields are expounded.Secondly,combined with VR animation works,from three angles of visual effect,narrative mode and audience identity,the article discusses the structural transition of virtual reality technology assisted animation creation's path from "local view" to "global view".This paper probes into the visual transformation from "plane" to "three-dimensional",the narrative transformation from "linearity" to "branch",and the transformation of audience identity from "watching" to "presence".Through research,the author affirms that VR animation has both panoramic and local creative characteristics in visual design,and summarizes three branches of VR animation drama: tree,juxtaposition and unit.And from the passive and active two dimensions to explain the interaction design.Furthermore,the article compares VR animation with traditional animation experience,affirms the advantages of VR animation in three aspects: space-time boundary,participation in interaction,emotional feeling,and emphasizes that VR animation is different from the immersion,interaction,emotional needs and psychological mechanisms of traditional animation.In addition,the paper analyzes the value of VR animation,and discusses the promotion of VR animation experience to its commercial and educational value.Finally,the article tries to stand on the objective standpoint,carries on the dialectical consideration to the virtual reality technology application path in the animation,analyzes the VR animation to theinteractive education and the user health influence from the positive and the negative two aspects.And the bold imagination VR animation and other media interaction fusion each kind of possibility.Synthesizing the above research,the article thinks that the virtual reality technology intervention animation creation,can make the animation obtain richer expression form and bring deeper artistic experience.The virtual reality technology is one of the most important media for the innovation and development of animation art,which provides a new creative path and new audio-visual experience.Its combination will better adapt to the future artificial intelligence era user diversity experience and personalized needs.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual reality, VR animation, immersive experience, iteration, artificial intelligence
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